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Leep walked the battlements surrounding the great city of Mu. His feet left tiny prints in the ground, what with it being made of sand. Grasping his pike, which was in reality a discarded toothpick, he walked the bridge over the city's grand entrance. He looked down, past the Giant Starfish, the first of the amazing monuments of Mu. Sun glinted off of the seashell adornments, blinding some traveling the bridge into the city with its intense glory. And indeed, the bridge was very busy that day as Mu was the capital of the entire beach.
Many came from feet away to glimpse the splendor of the city, its royal palace towering nearly two feet into the heavens, one to the tallest built structures on the beach. Glancing down at the bustling mobs pushing in and out of the city, Leep saw people from all over. He saw the tribal people of the Tidepools, sea foam colored markings running all over their bodies as a sign of adulthood. A procession stood out from the crowd, religious zealots who were believed to have powers were the people of the Boardwalk mountain range to the north. Leep breathed in, gagging slightly as he smelled rather than saw people from the Trashtop Terrace. Their stench was overwhelming, and they were a very odd people. Leep smiled, holding his nose. As odd as they were, the people of the Trashtop Terrace were a very friendly and well mannered sort.
Leep smiled out over all the many peoples walking along the bridge, when suddenly the sunlight disappeared. Leep looked up, expecting to see a cloud lazily crossing over the sun, but what he saw shocked him. He dropped his pike, and ran along the parapets until he reached a horn. Taking it, he quickly sucked in his breath, and with a long sustained exhale sounded the horn. All the people in Mu halted in their steps, some midstep, as they all looked around in confusion.
Leep ran through the crowded streets of Mu, pushing some out of his way in his desperate rush. He burst into the Council Chambers next to the palace, and nearly stumbled to a stop. The council members were all gathered, some looking just as flustered as Leep. The brought him to his feet, and asked him to tell why he had summoned them.
He looked around incredulously, open mouthed.
“Have you all not seen the sky? The sun is gone, and in its place is the makings of our doom! Soon the sky will fall, crushing us underfoot in its mad race to embrace the earth. Look friends, look upon the sky and see what lies ahead!” He raved like a lunatic, pointing through a window. A few council members ascended the stairs to a balcony, looking to the heavens from the window. They gasped, one falling back, as they saw the beginnings of their apocalypse. They rushed down the balcony, nearly tumbling, and as they reached the bottom the prince himself walked in.
“Why is it the horn has been sounded? In the streets people are afraid without reason, hiding in their homes like children. I say again, why has the horn been sounded!” He asked angrily.
“Milord…” stuttered the council leaders, eyes cast downward in fear.
“Because, Lord Gleeb!” Shouted Leep from behind the council. “Mu is going to be crushed by an act of God himself!” The council parted, letting Leep walk up to the prince. He took him outside, pointing to the sky, at the ominous black sphere above them. The prince himself stood open mouthed and wide eyed, looking at the symbol of their destruction.
“What…what is it that we can do?” He stammered, paling at the thoughts of what was about to befall his city.
“Sir, if I may. I suggest we evacuate the city.” He raised his hand to silence the princes’ protests. “Milord, it would only be temporarily. And if we do not, we face the total destruction of our people. The city may be rebuilt milord, but we cannot. That is my ruling on the matter.”
The prince nodded, looking up and the abomination in the sky. Hours later, the last of the people were fleeing through the back and side gates of Mu, headed toward the Tidepools. Leep was one of the last to go, having sent the prince ahead to lead his people in this time of need. The last little caravan left the city gates, and was well on its way to the Tidepools. He looked back on the city, possibly for the last time. Then the sphere struck. It hit the bridge of Mu, its Giant Starfish shattering with the seashells, the walls crumbling as the destruction sent shock waves. The buildings fell apart in its wake. Courtyards, lanes, shops, all the places Leep had known all his life were cast into oblivion.
He turned to run, having overestimated the power of the sphere. He ran faster, hearing it rolling behind him. The ground began to shake, and a single tear fell down Leeps face as he realized he was too late. His pace slowed, and he turned, bowing his head as the sphere overtook him.

Jacob yelled as Tommy threw the beach ball. It sailed over his head to his brother Neil, who then threw it back to Tommy.
“Come on guys, give it back!” whined Jacob. He grunted, and pushed Tommy down as Neil tried to throw the ball. It hit Tommy’s head and flew through the air, before smashing down on a sandcastle. Neil cried as his castle was destroyed, but Jacob only laughed. “That’s what you get!” He said as he picked up the ball, and ran to his mom who was looking at different pairs of sunglasses on the boardwalk. He set the ball next to her, and by the time she was ready to go, he forgot all about the ball, leaving it there.

Leep woke up, rubbing his head. He peeled himself off of the giant ball, which now in the sunlight, being multicolored, seemed much less imposing then the black sphere that crushed his city. He looked around, looking for a familiar spot. He saw nothing but giant mountains, as well as the giants that seemed to walk through them. Turning he saw the sand, feet and feet away from him. He gasped in shock as he saw the ruins of Mu, merely a large blob on the horizon.
“Oh my god…” He thought to himself. “I’m in the Boardwalk mountain range!”
Beach Ball ftw
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