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The moon barely shines, just a dismal escape
And a night sky, does not stardust make
I'm haunted, late nights, small fights, arguing with myself
I burn, unnamed devil indeed
Fevered, lost, tears flowing, all knowing, soul growing, but to where?
Why me, why now, why why why.
Sad? I guess. Don't be worried, it  happens all the time.
Small time fuck up, feeling a little stuck up, oh your problems pale next to mine.
I won't listen, can't listen, don't listen, are you listening? I want your help, but fuck you and thanks.
Oh the love is a lie, I see it in your eyes, stop pretending, it's embarrassing, really.
Grow up, your little lego house is tumbling down.
Grab all the reds, we'll make something later.
Break something later.
What are you doing? Your still here?
Go home, we're closed for the night.
The tears fell as I silently wept, your sleeping on the phone, snoring, content.
joey0-o Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2008
very well written
and very true
was this in his point of view, or ours? i think its both.. and thats why i love it so much
its like you really captured what he was feeling.. what we are feeling...
your so amazing ‹3
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April 12, 2008
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