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The morn had broken, as planned
And we readied ourselves, you and I
Walking through a house
Most intangible
We took one car, yet went two separate ways
Though ended up on track
The grass was soft underfoot as we sat the basket down
A smiled was shared as the blanket was unfurled
Covering the ground like a cloud covers earth
Perhaps foreshadowing is in more than books
And I said to you “What a wonderful day.”
The food is laid out, a small feast for us
The finest choices our humble home had to offer
The plates are set, the soda pours, and the sky grows dark
We look up in worry as the sun is covered
God rationing our joy in the light
The sky seemed to open, as someone turns on the tap
And rain washes over us entirely
Inundating with water and woe
We rush to the car, and sighing begin the drive home
Soaking, you look to me, but my eyes cannot meet yours.
The storm becomes tears from my cloudy eyes
An awkward smile catches my eye
And you lean over to kiss my cheek
And whisper in my ear.
“What a wonderful day.”
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April 24, 2008
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